BRFkredit is a Danish mortgage credit institution lending against collateral on owner-occupied homes, commercial properties and subsidised housing.

Loans for residential purposes account for the majority of all lending. Corporate lending is loans for office and business properties, private rental and cooperative housing.  

  • Ownership

    BRFkredit a/s is owned by Jyske Bank a/s

    The merger between Jyske Bank and BRFkredit was closed on 30 April 2014

    Read the company announcement as PDF

    Read the articles of association of BRFkredit a/s

  • Management, Board of directors and auditors

    Carsten Tirsbæk Madsen, CEO
    Lars Waalen Sandberg, Executive Vice President

    Board of directors of BRFkredit a/s:
    Sven A. Blomberg, Chairman
    Per Skovhus, Deputy Chairman
    Niels Erik Jakobsen
    Laila Busted, employee elected
    Kim Henriksen, employee elected

    Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab, Silkeborg

  • Financial highlights and key figures for BRFkredit group

    Selected income statement figures and key ratios for our recent annual reports.

    Additional data and interim reporting available under Financial statements.


    SUMMARY OF INCOME STATEMENT 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012  
    Contribution income, etc. 1,785 1,687 1,494 1,408 1,250  
    Other net interest income -53 -45 81 -60 -152  
    Net fee and commission income, etc. 207 256 184 136 117  
    Value adjustments, etc. (- is an expense) 30 -106 -61 50 17  
    Other income 52 40 15 8 2  
    Core income 2,021 1,832 1,713 1,542 1,235  
    Core expenses 837 908 963 952 910  
    Core profit before loan impairment charges and provisions for guarantees 1,184 923 751 590 324  
    Loan impairment charges and provisions for guarantees -32 103 1,069 505 493  
    Core profit 1,216 821 -318 85 -169  
    Investment portfolio earnings 80 89 -30 328 421  
    Pre-tax profit 1,295 909 -348 413 252  
    Tax (- is income) 285 210 -72 110 66  
    Post-tax profit or loss 1,011 699 -276 302 185  


    Selected key ratios
    Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio (CET) (%) 19.0 18.9 17.5 16.6 15.2
    Individual solvency requirement (%) 9.3 9.6 10.8 10.5 10.3
    Pre-tax profit as a percentage of opening equity 11.0 8.2 -3.4 4.1 2.6
    Profit for the year as a pct. of av. equity 8.2 6.1 -2.6 3 1.9
    Income/cost ratio (%) 2.6 1.9 0.8 1.3 1.2
    Accumulated impairment ratio (%) 0.4 0.6 1.1 0.9 0.8
    Impairment ratio for the year (%) -0 0 0.5 0.2 0.2


  • Lending

    BRFkredit's lending focus has since 1993 been directed at private owner-occupied homes, private rental housing, non-profit housing and office and business properties.

    BRFkredit has lending of around DKK 278 billion (approx. EUR 37.4 billion) distributed on around 145,000 mortgage loans, managed by around 700 full time employees.

    The chart show the composition of mortgage loans in BRFkredit end of 2016 Q4.

    More general information on the Danish mortgage credit system is available here

  • Funding

    BRFkredit finances the current lending by issuing covered bonds and mortgage bonds continuously, i.e. as tap issues.

    It is the borrower's choice of loan type that determines the type of bonds BRFkredit issues. The Danish Mortgage Loans and Mortgage Bonds Act requires a very close link between the loans granted and the bonds issued.

    The bonds are bearer bonds issued in book-entry form registered at VP Securities Services (Værdipapircentralen, the Danish Securities Depository and Clearing Centre) or VP Luxembourg. The bonds are listed for trading on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen (Copenhagen Stock Exchange).

    BRFkredit issues bonds in a range of maturities and with a range of coupons:


    • Fixed coupon bullet bonds (non-callable) with maturities from one to ten years with annual coupon payment
    • Fixed coupon annuity bonds (callable) with maturities of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years with quarterly repayment
    • Floating-to-fixed floating rate annuity bonds with a maturity of 30 years and quarterly payments. The bonds initially carry a floating interest rate and have an embedded interest rate cap. If the floating rate rises to the threshold interest rate (knock-in rate) the bonds change into a fixed interest rate
    • Capped floating rate annuity bonds with a maturity of 30 years with quarterly payments. The bonds carry a floating interest rate and have an embedded interest rate cap. The bonds continue to carry floating interest rate even if the interest rate at a previous fixing has been capped at the cap rate (i.e. "capped floaters")
    • Ratched capped floating rate annuity bonds with a maturity of 30 years and quarterly payments. The bonds carry a floating interest rate which can not exceed the previous coupon reset on the bond.

    Identical, but separated bond series are issued where the borrowers have the option of paying interest-only for up to 10 years.

    To finance adjustable rate mortgage loans (ARM loans) BRFkredit uses – inter alia – non-callable bullet bonds (RTL-bonds) and short term callable annuity bonds (RTL F-bonds). ARM loans are typically 30 year annuity loans with annual coupon adjustment. These loans are funded by the issuance of RTL- and/or RTL F-bonds depending on the fixed rate period. At the refinancing of ARM loans we typically sell new bonds to replace the old underlying bonds. Once the sale has been completed we will redeem the old bonds.

    These BRFkredit mortgage bonds are rated by Standard & Poor's. Read more on the current S&P ratings here

  • Market share

    BRFkredit has a market share of the total Danish mortgage market of approximately 9.7%

    Jyske Bank and BRFkredit is Denmark’s fourth largest financial institution

  • History

    BRFkredit was established in 1959 as an independent business foundation authorised to grant third-mortgage loans under the name "Byggeriets Realkreditfond", abbreviated BRF. The original purpose was for BRF to grant mortgage loans for specific purposes.

    In 1970, the Danish Mortgage Credit Act was amended. The system with three layers of mortgage financing was abandoned, and BRFkredit was allowed to grant mortgage loans in general. The amendments led to a series of mergers between Danish mortgage credit institutions and in 1975, the first Danish mortgage credit institution "Husejernes Kreditkasse" merged with Byggeriets Realkreditfond.

    In 1990, Byggeriets Realkreditfond changed its legal structure, and the business was transferred from the foundation to a new company named BRFkredit a/s. The business foundation changed its name from Byggeriets Realkreditfond to BRFfonden.

    BRFkredit was end of April 2014 merged with Jyske Bank, and became the fourth largest financial institution in Denmark.

    Read more on the history of the Danish Mortgage Credit system