20 Financing of mortgage loans with euro-denominated bonds


BRFkredit will in the future finance part of the mortgage loans under the joint funding agreements with bonds denominated in EUR. This action will reduce the annual refinancing of bonds denominated in DKK and at the same time take advantage of the funding opportunities in the European bond market.


BRFkredit will update the base prospectus for covered bonds (SDO) to incorporate the above mentioned funding- and settlement options.


To the extent BRFkredit considers it necessary, the activities around marketing and distribution of euro-denominated bonds will be supported by both domestic - and foreign banks.


Questions regarding the bond sales may be directed to:

- Group Treasurer, Anders Lund Hansen on telephone (+45) 45 26 22 80

- Director, Fixed Income, André Hauberg on telephone (+45) 46 26 29 18


Yours sincerely,
BRFkredit a/s

Lars Waalen Sandberg
Executive Vice President